Juan Manuel and Liza are international Argentine Tango teachers, artists and choreographers with a special style of their own. They have travelled the World dancing on stages of prestigious theatres and teaching in Tango Festivals all over Asia, Europe and Latin America. During their career they have formed part of various famous Argentine dance companies and performed in musicals, such as ¨Chantecler¨ by Mora Godoy, ¨Vibraciones del Alma¨ by Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti, during 2013 they have worked as choreographers and lead dancers in show “Che Diego!” in Beijing, and from 2014 till 2017 have had the honor of working alongside one of the World’s greatest maestros – Sebastian Arce, as artistic directors in ARCETANGO ACADEMIA and co-coreographers and dancers in various shows and festivals.


At the present moment Juan and Liza are forming part of Tango x 2 company of Miguel Angel Zotto and Diana Guspero. Residing between Buenos Aires, Moscow and Italy travelling to Festivals in Europe, as well as performing with a Russian Tango Orchestra ¨Misterioso¨ touring between various Musical Theatres in Russia, with the orquestra "Tango in Vivo" and with the famous argentine bandoneonist Daniel Binelli. Since 2016 Juan and Liza are working with the famous Ukranian-Russian singer Nadezhda Meiher, choreographing and dancing lead roles in her Tango Concert ¨Historia de un amor¨.

Juan Manuel and Liza are not only a couple in tango - they are also a couple in life, which is where the name ¨Los Rosales¨ comes from. Together they form a perfect combination between technique, passion, love and Tango. Due to their broad experience they dance and teach many styles: tango-salon, milonga, tango-vals, tango escenario and tango nuevo.

For them Tango is a universal language, that has the power of uniting people regardless of their race, age, or nationality. Their aim is to share their experience and knowledge, and to help the students find the best in themselves.

Juan Manuel ROSALES 

Juan Manuel Rosales even at an early age always dreamt of becoming an artist. As a child he used to put on a show for his friends or just act in front of the mirror, imagining a hall full of spectators… he could even hear their cheering and applauses.  Though becoming a tango dancer didn't come easy and it was not equally supported by all the members of his family in the very beginning, but thanks to the passion, hard work and dedication, this dream has become true. And above all, thanks to his father who has transmitted to him the love for tango.

Juan has learnt from the best maestros of argentine tango: in the very beginning of his carrier he was the assistant of Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida. He even switched form studying to become a lawyer to begin from the 1 year at IUNA (now UNA, National University of Arts), and entered the

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Universities Dance Company.  Later on he started forming part of prestigious dance companies, and performed in shows and theatres of Buenos Aires as well as other cities around the World. His first long-time tour was to Japan, where he spaied for over a year, then he was one of the first maestros to bring tango to China. 


But he always came back to Buenos Aires longing to learn more and improve, seaking new inspiration and motivation. During one of such visits, he met Liza at a show rehearsal. This was a life changing encounter for both of them, and after that their biographies run alongside.


Liza is a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural if not to say multi-national dancer. She was born in Moscow, Russia and started her dancing carrier at the age of 6, with ballet and ballroom dancing. Fate or sircumstances has planned for her to spend most of her life outside her counry. In 2001 she moved with her family to Denmark, where she continued dancing and very soon was chosen to represent the country at the World and European championships. As the winner of various gold medals at international competitions, she has travelled the world teaching and performing on stage and in tv-programmes. Then during 2008-2009 she lived in Rome, Italy, after which she moved back to Denmark. After a profound exploration within the different disciplines as ballet, ballroom, tango, salsa, zouk and contemporary, she at the age of 21 has chosen tango as her life carrier and in 2012 moved to Buenos Aires where she met Juan Manuel (her future partner and husband).


Liza was trained by the best maestros en Buenos Aires, and soon formed part of a tango dance-company directed by Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti "Corporacion tango", performing in "Vibraciones del Alma" together with Juan Manuel. Alongside with that, she was teaching in the ¨Tango&Tango¨ dance school. In May 2013 started their tour to China, which after that turned into a 6 month residence. And finally in November 2013 Liza for the first time in many years ended up in her hometown - Moscow, working in Arcetango Academia under the direction of Sebastian Arce. In February 2013 she and Juan Manuel Rosales got married and setteled the base in Moscow.


After so much time living in different countries the question of nationality or belonging is quite confusing. Liza considers herself ¨una rusa porteña¨ (a russian citizen of Buenos Aires) and carries both Argentinean, Danish, a bit of Italian and Russian culture. For Liza tango is an international language, which can be anderstood by anyone. There is nothing as pleasant as sharing a tango-embrace with complete strangers, feeling how this dance unites people of different ages, nationalities, races and cultural backgrouds.

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