Online Tango TV - Portalea challenge

Dear friends!

Now we are beginning a new format of our online tango classes - onine tango TV live.

We have already filmed our first episode in livestream on our youtube channel.

Our first and recurring guest is our dear friend and a world known maestro - Sebastian Arce. In this series of online tango programmes we are talking about the mythical milongueros. This particular one is dedicated to Gerardo Portalea and his signature movements and style.

During the episode we not only talk, but also do his steps and show the important technical details as well as offer our version of the step and we challenge you to either repeat the signature Portalea steps or make your own version, or both. You can film the step and post it on instagram with a hashtag #portaleachallenge and automatically take part in the competition. The prize is an individual online private class with us.

Enjoy the video. Subscribe, like and share :)

Stay tuned for the next episode of online tango tv