12/01/19 Los Rosales in Venezia

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Saturday 12th of January

1st Milonga "Ca della Nave" 2019

organized by ZOTTO TANGO ACADEMY VENEZIA including thematical workshops and show of Los Rosales

The event is organized in Barchessa della Villa Grimani (residence of the Doge Grimani), situated in the "Golf Club Ca della Nave" complex.

For the first milonga of 2019 "MILONGA Ca della Nave", Zotto Tango Acadamy Venezia has prepared a special event with international tango artists "Los Rosales"

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Juan Manuel Rosales and Liza Rosales, better known as LOS ROSALES, are reknown maestros, choreographers and tango dancers. They ones of the few tango dancers that have the ability to dance different tango styles: from one side they can maintaine a grounded tango "bien al piso", from the other side they can show a great agility and destress without loosing the elegancy of Tango Salon. Undoubtedly it is their stage precence that made them part of the prestigious Tango Company TANGOx2 of Miguel Angel Zotto y Daiana Guspero.

Workshop Topics - 17,00-18,15 Individual Technique Leaders/Followers (one level) - 18,30/19,45 Tematical Workshop:

How to combine sequenses of steps with the improvisation for tango salon. Spesific work on the men's lead to be more clear with the proposal. The importance of the listening in both roles. How to adapt to the changes of proposals of each other. How to take advantage of the moments that you have to show your tango, to experiment with your style, to dance.

21,30 MILONGA with the SHOW of LOS ROSALES

We will dance to the splendid music chosen by MAURILLO TANGO TJ

The maestros JUAN MANUEL & LIZA ROSALES will be also available for private classes on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

There will be a show-room of Rosa Espina Tango Clothes.

Address: La MILONGA in Barchessa "Ca della Nave" di ZOTTO TANGO ACADEMY VENEZIA presso Golf Club Ca della Nave Piazza della Vittoria, 14 Martellago (Ve)

Golf Club "Ca Della Nave" offers you a possibility to book dinner in the sofisticated restaurant "Le Serre"with menù a la carte (booking via 041-5401555 int 2) and bar service (active till 1,00)

For those of you, who can from far, there is a possibility for lodging in the nice appartments (Residence Ca Dei Dogi - B&B Ca delle Palme) More Info and booking: Caterina 3934355163 zottotangovenezia@libero.it